Saturday, October 8, 2011

Whatever Happened to: The Paperboy From Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead is an 80's movie starring John Cusack. It tells the story of high school student Lane Meyer who is suicidal after his girlfriend breaks up with him. Yes, it is a comedy. Through out the movie, Cusack's character is stalked by Johnny the Paperboy. He wants him to pay him the "two dollars" that he owe him. Johnny was played by Demian Slade. After Better off Dead, Demian guest stared on T.V. including a small role on The Wonder Years. Recently he has been involved in a couple movie shorts. Untreated, Untreated: Volume 2 - Newcummers, and Untreated: Volume 3 Under Pressure are comedies that explores the wild and wonderfully bizarre world of life inside the walls of a pint-sized drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Amount he got payed to do each one? Two Dollar!!! (j/k)

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