Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whatever Happened to: The Kids in the Soul Asylum -Runaway Train Video

In 1994, Soul Asylum had a hit with the video and song for their single, Runaway Train. The video had shots of missing children and kids that ran away from home. This was mixed in with shot of the band. The video went in Heavy air play on MTV. Whatever Happened to those kids? Where they found? The results are both sad and happy. Turns out some of the kids ran away from a troubled home. When people saw their face on MTV, they turned the kids in. Some really bad results were from Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol, who each went missing in 1991. Their remains were found in 2007 at a house in Margate. Peter Tobin has since been convicted of both murders. Curtis Huntzinger, who was featured in the US video, was located deceased in 2008. His convicted killer, Stephen Daniel Hash, is currently serving a sentence of 11 years for manslaughter in Folsom State Prison.


Kyle said...

They moved to Fremont and lived happily ever after.

Bkyy Wttt said...

This girl wasn't a run away,she was babysitting when she went was 1999,she went missing.Heather Kullorn missing since july 15,1999..from Richmond heights,mo..if you have any this phone.314-645-3000..